eight.6. Overwriting records and you will replacing packages – Replaces ¶

the new bar-as well as bundle often satisfy the dependence into foo plan that have this new digital plan label, because the over. If your Brings community will not identify a difference count, it does not see versioned dependencies otherwise violate versioned Disputes otherwise Breaks . Such as for instance, given the following the bundles:

In order to indicate which regarding some genuine packages will be the latest standard meet up with a certain reliance toward an online plan, record the true bundle instead before virtual you to definitely.

Whether your digital bundle stands for a studio that can only be provided with you to definitely actual bundle at the same time, including the mail-transport-agent digital bundle that really needs installation of a binary who conflict with all of most other business of these digital plan (get a hold of Send transportation, delivery and you will member agencies ), all of the bundles providing one to virtual bundle should also declare a dispute inside it using Conflicts . This can guarantee that at the most you to definitely vendor of these virtual bundle try unpacked otherwise hung at the same time.

Bundles is claim within their control file that they is always men seeking women to overwrite documents in certain almost every other packages, otherwise totally exchange other bundles. The new Replaces handle career keeps these line of objectives.

7.six.step 1. Overwriting data various other packages¶

It is usually a blunder to have a deal in order to incorporate documents which happen to be on the program an additional bundle. But not, if for example the overwriting package declares which Replaces the main one which includes the fresh new document getting overwritten, following dpkg have a tendency to change the file on the dated bundle with those of the new. New file will no longer end up being detailed given that “owned” from the old bundle and additionally be taken over of the the fresh plan. Generally, Holiday breaks are used in combination with Replaces . 4

Eg, if the a package foo try put into foo and foo-study carrying out within version step one.2-step three, foo-study could have the brand new sphere

When the a great deal is totally replaced like this, to make certain that dpkg doesn’t understand of any data it nonetheless consists of, it’s considered to features “disappeared”. It could be marked because maybe not desired toward system (chosen to possess reduction) and you can “Not-Installed”. People conffile s information recognized for the package could be ignored, as they will was in fact absorbed by overwriting plan. The fresh new package’s postrm script could well be work with which have another disagreement to allow the container accomplish any last tidy up required. Discover Overview of ways maintainer programs are called . 5

For this accessibility Replaces , digital packages (select Virtual packages – Brings ) aren’t experienced when examining an excellent Changes job. The bundles declared as actually changed need to be stated by the actual brands.

It usage of Substitute merely takes effect when each other bundles is at the least partially to the program simultaneously. This isn’t associated should your packages conflict unless of course the fresh argument could have been overridden.

eight.six.dos. Replacement whole packages, forcing its elimination¶

Second, Substitute allows the fresh packing system to respond to which package can be got rid of when there is a dispute (discover Conflicting digital packages – Issues ). It use just takes perception if two packages do conflict, so the several usages in the community don’t meddle together.

In this case, the container stated as being replaced will be a virtual plan, thus such as for instance, all the send transport agencies (MTAs) might have next industries within control files:

making sure one MTA is going to be unpacked at any you to definitely day. Discover Virtual bundles – Offers up more details about any of it analogy.

seven.7. Matchmaking ranging from supply and you can digital bundles – Build-Would depend , Build-Depends-Indep , Build-Depends-Arc , Build-Issues , Build-Conflicts-Indep , Build-Conflicts-Arch ¶

Supply packages that want particular digital bundles as installed otherwise absent during strengthening the container may state matchmaking to the people binary packages.

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